President and Chief Executive Officer

Jason Eubanks is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Frostwood Energy and, alongside Mr. Gaudet and Mr. Henry, co-founded Frostwood Energy in 2016.


Prior to founding Frostwood Energy, Mr. Eubanks served as Exploitation Manager for Taos Resources, a privately held company with operations in Kansas and Texas. During his time at Taos, Mr. Eubanks was responsible for designing and managing exploitation programs in the company’s mature assets as well as the implementation of a green field development project in a key company asset.


Before his time at Taos Resources, Mr. Eubanks worked as a Senior Reservoir Engineer at Energy XXI, directing a multidisciplinary team focused on exploitation and field redevelopment of the second largest field on the GoM Shelf.


Mr. Eubanks began his career with Chevron, where his exploitation and asset management skills were developed during several different work assignments including production operations, drilling and completions, reservoir engineering, process/facility optimization, and portfolio optimization/rationalization.  These work assignments spanned multiple basins, including heavy oil production in the San Joaquin Valley, Deepwater Nigeria, and Gulf of Thailand gas development.


Mr. Eubanks earned a BS in Petroleum Engineering with a minor in Geosciences from the University of Tulsa.